M.O.R Testing Machine & Weighing Scales

Shiwkon Microweigh Products

SHIWKON Digital M.O.R. (Modulus Of Repture) Testing Machine

As Per IS 2556 (Part-I) 1994, IS 13630 (Part-I) 2006.
Heavy Duty M.O.R. Machine comes in 300 x 300mm (capacity type), 600 x 600mm, 1000 x 1000mm, 1000 x 1350mm, 1350 x 1350mm Size.
Customized size also available upto 2750mm

Weighing Scales

SHIMADZU Japan analytical Balance are available with higher accuracy upto0.0001mg
SHIWKON Table Top and Platform weigh scales are available from 1Kg to 5000 Kg
SHIWKON also offer heavy duty Pitless Electronic Weighbridge from 25 to 100 T
Digital Moisture Balance with helogen heating comes with 40 gm capacityand 0.001% precision of readout of moisture & max temp. upto 175┬░C (250┬░Coptional)